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As her photographs graphically document, Natasha is stunningly beautiful. She is extremely well educated, overwhelmingly passionate, and the definition of elegant. Our meeting was unforgettable. One negotiated service was left on the table due to "technical difficulties," but I am definitely looking forward to next time. I didn’t explore her domina services but am now tempted.

No negatives, Natasha is a dream!

Feb 2023, Hotel / Haus -besuch, 1 Stunde

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Gentlemen, this lady is to good for most of you!!!!
She is is extremely hot ??
Warm, happpy..... an open monde Lady how is smart and intelligent as well!!!
I would recommend everyone who contacted her, to have Respect and be a Gentleman

Time went by a way to fast ?

Nov 2020, Hotel / Haus -besuch, 2 Stunden


Thank you babe! ??

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